Homer Simpson Will Guide You Home & My Afterlife Employment.

I had a strange dream last night. 2 actually. The first one I was with family and we found an old deck that was abandoned. We stole it but someone saw us. Later in the dream I was walking down the road and that person started talking to us. I knew who he was but he didn’t know that I knew. He started beating around the bush that he was going to blackmail us, but that was it. We left and headed back home. As I was heading back in the van, I was explaining to Isabel and Travis that the map of the area we were in, when zoomed out, was a picture of Homer Simpson. And if you keep zooming out, it was a picture of something else.

The second dream, I was in a location with a bunch people I knew from the dream, but I don’t actually know. There was someone who was walking around selecting us for the role that we were going to play in our afterlife. Once we were selected, we had a short amount of time to say our goodbyes to whomever, And then make our way to a place in the building where we would “teleport” one by one. I was selected to be God’s replacement, which I later found out was a daily event. I remember thinking that God’s job must’ve been so exhausting that they just keep swapping him out for a new one each day. Some people were chosen for angels. Some for Devils and their minions. Once I made my way to the teleportation room, there was a beautiful woman laying on her bed, she seemed sad but happy as well. She was looking through photo albums of her family. She was to be an angel. I sat with her and we talked. I cannot remember what was said. We kissed for a moment, And as we were, she began to fade. I found myself alone with her photos. I began to look through them, thinking that she left them behind. I started to cry, thinking about my family, and leaving them behind and of what was to come next. I clenched her photos tightly. Thinking I was taking them with me to return them to her. And then I began to fade away.


3 thoughts on “Homer Simpson Will Guide You Home & My Afterlife Employment.

    1. I agree Nick, this was well written, and that is definitely an interesting idea ; it is amazing what our minds can think up sometimes when we dream.

      The end of the second dream also became personal and emotional at the end just like the other dream that he posted on this blog, which I think is interesting.

      I would like to thank Kevin W. Porter for sharing yet another interesting dream.

      -John Jr


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