You’d Hide In A Porta-John Too, With A Beard Like Mine.

I cannot remember where the dream began. What I do remember was standing outside on a side street near my car talking with some people when I saw one of my past coworkers 
walking down the main road. He past by us and kept walking; vanishing behind the buildings. About 5 seconds later he reappeared to ask us a question.“Do any of you have a lock?” He asked. Just before I could respond, he dove into his excuse for needing the lock.

“Someone stole all of my stuff and now this is the only shirt I have. I need to start locking my things up.” He further mentioned that his wife wasn’t too happy about the situation. I informed him that I did have a lock for him. I started to run down the street to where ever it was that I had kept the lock before realizing that it made more sense to drive there. 

I jumped into my car. It was something black and attempting to be luxurious. From the outside it looked like a Coupe with only 2 doors, but from the inside it looked like a sedan having all 4 doors. 

I attempted to unlock the door to let him in. We spent about a minute with him trying to open the door at the same time I was hitting the unlock button and making no progress. Once he finally got inside we began riding down the road.

And then the dream shifted, creating a gap of time that I cannot account for.

I was walking out of a building wearing my uniform. There were people around talking as I was trying to explain something on a tv screen to a coworker. We were approached by MSG Indardeo who asked us what we were suppose to be doing at the moment. I explained that I had to build my schedule on my google calender because I locked myself out of my computer. She walked away and then I began looking around for my car. I last recall letting my boss borrow it to drive someone to the company headquarters, so I make my way there. As I get there, I realize that I’m still in uniform and have a beard from my vacation time, so I do my best to sneak around as to not be seen by my First Sergeant.

I see my truck this time, not the black car. It is parked right next to the first sergeant and a group of other guys all standing around talking. As I get closer, I have to sneak into this old Porta-John and wait until everyone leaves. Time ticks by for what seemed like several hours. When everyone finally left, I step outside and realize that there are about 5 different trucks that all look almost identical to mine. Picking out the flaws with each truck, I quickly found mine and climbed inside.

And that is where the story ends.


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