Spider Bat and The Food Court Hostage Situation

I remember riding in a car with someone…we had just found out that there were a group of extremists in the area that were planning to attack our town. My driver and I were making our way to the mall where the town cop was located. I believe he was the only cop in town. As we were driving down the road, I noticed man standing in a field looking up at the night sky. He was in the middle of nowhere so I found it very odd. I looked at the sky to see what he was looking at.
  There were two moons, or at least that’s what I initially thought. One of the moons was a beam of light with a symbol of something shadowing the light. Similar to the batman signal in the sky, only this symbol looked like some sort of spider.
We continued to make our way to the mall. Once we arrived, we searched all over for the cop. The mall appeared to be just a giant food court. I ran into Rich (a past coworker) who happened to be the mall supervisor. I explained the situation to him and that we were looking for the cop. At that same moment, the cop came strolling in from a side door. The cop was also a past coworker. I reexplained the situation to him and he casually informed me that the extremists were already in the mall, and pointed to a group of individuals sitting at a table wearing all black; holding a few rifles in their lap. He further explained that the mall was basically a huge hostage situation and we were all just calmly hanging out there for the time being. 

I feel like there was more to this dream but usually if I don’t write it all within the first hour of waking up, I will start having gaps in my dream that I cannot recall.


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