The Most Dangerous Game With John Goodman

It all started in a small town. I had been driving through back roads, trying to find a house to buy.  I pulled into the parking lot of a little country store to grab some food.  As I sat down at a table to eat, there was a guy sitting across the table directly in front of me.  I recognized him as being someone I knew, but didn’t know his name so I didn’t say anything to him.  A moment had passed when another man, probably in his early 30’s, sat down in the the chair next to me.  I knew this man from high school.  His name was Jason Covington. He broke the silence, informing me of the identity of the man across the table.  It clicked in my mind, but it didn’t seem to matter anyway.  I explained to them that I was looking for a house in the area to buy.

We left the store and walked around back to a distressed house that I thought was a miracle to even be standing.  There was walls and a good portion of the ceiling missing.  We wandered inside to look around.  I stopped in the kitchen to notice that just above the kitchen table were a variety of boxes suspended in a fashion that struck me as odd.  Because had the straps holding them in place broken, the boxes would come crashing down on anyone who had been sitting the table.

When we got back to the front of the store, there was a little boy waiting there by the door.  He asked me to help him buy some batteries for his device that I cannot recall.  I walked back inside to gaze through the glass casing that contained a variety of batteries.  But his batteries were unusual.  They had a special model number like a serial number,  and the batteries came in a casing similar to that of a large ink cartridge.  The store had batteries, but not the exact one he needed.

& then the dream shifted.

I was in an upstairs office.  I was working with 2 guys when I was informed to go downstairs to meet with a man.  As I was walking from my office, I passed by the front desk receptionist.  She had a variety of chocolates on her desk, so I grabbed two.  I continued on my walk downstairs, unwrapping the first chocolate which I soon noticed had been labeled with a small sheet of paper and tape wrapped around it.  The paper had a time written on it.  As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I realized that I was walking in the wrong direction.  I wasn’t exactly sure which way I needed to be going, so I went back upstairs.  As I got back to the receptionist, I realized that the time on the chocolate was indicative of the time of day it was to be eaten.  It was part of a series of chocolates.  By that time I had already been unwrapping the second chocolate.  As I peeled back the wrapper, it turned out to be much larger.  It turned out to be a rattler with nerd candy inside with multiple tiers. I didn’t understand it or know how to get the candy out so I layed it on a table an started walking down a different set of stairs.

At the bottom waited a man, very over weight and balding. He was John Goodman.  He told me to follow him as he darted for the double doors to the left of the stairs.  Once inside, we was standing on the balcony of an office upstairs, throwing bags of something down to me.  I had no idea what was going on.  He came back down to me and grabbed up all the bags.  I felt like he was robbing the place but I wanted nothing to do with it.  We left out of the doors we came in through, and it became a chase.  John Goodman was hunting me down for not being an accomplice.  I waded through a river until I came to a gap in a bush where I crouched down to hide.  I could hear him calling my name in the distance.


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