The Evil Dead Mormon Pool Party

I was at a school, sitting in class.  But I decided to walk out of the classroom.  I stood for a moment facing the door to another classroom.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing.  Then someone walked past me and up a few stairs to a door that had a combination lock on the outside.  They fumbled with the lock for a moment before it came undone, and then I followed them in.

The room inside had a entryway that was like a hall with a chain link fence on the left.  Once I turned the corner I could see a bed, and a couch.  The bed was being occupied a ghost.  She was a chatty one.  On the couch sat a zombie that appeared to have been all mangled up.  He sprung from the couch to get into my face.  I could see every little detail in his facial destruction.  He spoke to me, but I didn’t understand. His vibe was threatening.

Shortly after, A Mormon ceremony was taking place in the very same room.  The leader approached me and held out a book for me to examine.  I explained to him that what he was doing was fake.  I was looking for a reason to leave.  I remember that I left my laundry in the washer.  So I sneaked out of the room to move it to the dryer.

The girl who initially unlocked the room met with me again by the laundry room.  She explained that we needed to lock the door to the outside of the room.  That would prevent the dead from escaping to the outside once they were in the room.  We walked across the room to the balcony and as I was placing the lock on the door, she whispered that she could see a silhouette of one zombie in the window of a building across from us.  I scanned my eyes until I locked on to it.

I began running to jump from the balcony to the roof of the building next door.  There was a board connecting the balcony to the roof, but I kicked it away.  That was what I initially thought was my only way back.  But after a few minutes, I discovered that the rooftops were like a big set of stairs.

I came upon a pool party and jumped in.  I stood on top of a large inflatable ball and started bouncing.  I hooked my foot into a sliver of plastic on it and bounced into the building beside me.  In mid air, I kicked the ball from my feet, and landed into another pool.  As I rose from the water, I realized that the ball landed on a woman hanging out with her friends.  I asked her if she was ok, and she explained that she was fine except for the book that hit her on the head.

I wandered out of the building onto a construction site where my brother was controlling an elevator, giving others a ride up and down.  But he was using it like a bucking bull situation; being very jerky.  I tried to get to the door that was hidden just underneath the elevator but he nearly squished me.  I tried the second time and made it. The door led me to a pathway that was tiny and tight.  It was like a lot of random objects had fallen on each other and created small gaps here and there.  I had to start crawling to squeeze through every little opening.

And then I woke up.





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