Hey ISIS, Help Me Change My Tire

I was out behind my house, working on my car.  There were car parts everywhere.  I was in the middle of a long dirt road.  Many trees lay shadow over that road; casting a very peaceful and quiet vibe over my land.

I was approached from behind by a past coworker of mine, Juan.  As I heard him coming, I turned to see him exiting the back door of my home.  He casually began explaining that the news just announced that ISIS was fast approaching to attack us.  I didn’t believe him at first.  He started to walk away, giving me a hard time because I ignored his warning.  I picked up my phone and one of the first notifications to pop up was a video clip showing a formation of an ISIS army.  I didn’t take the time to read the article.  As I looked up, I could see in the distance, a black suited army just within my visibility marching towards me from the end of the road.  I immediately left on a trail beside my home.

I came upon a group of armed men and women that were also fleeing the area.  We turned the corner around a fence and was met by a wood line but could see on the other side of the trees that another formation of ISIS troops were coming our way.  We turned to go the opposite way, but could see that just atop the hill we were heading was yet another swarm of ISIS moving toward us.  I bolted for the closest house.  Inside there were 2 people seated by the fire.  I could see the army passing by through the window of the house.


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