The Harley Davidson Leaf Blower

In the beginning of the story, I was in a hotel, running from people that were trying to capture me. I was special agent. Using ninja skills and stealth, I managed to avoid these people. Maneuvering throughout the building, and at one point I was riding an elevator from within the shaft. I recall doing this barefoot and cutting my foot at one point. I remember as I was exiting the building, I was leaving a trail of bloody footprints.

The next part of this story, I was walking an alley behind some coffee shops and stores so that I wouldn’t be noticed. I had a backpack on, fully stacked with gear as if I were on a journey. I came across 2 kids on their break. They were discussing how they’d been pooping in the coffee bean grinder so that the coffee had hints of poop flavor. It really pissed me off, even though I didn’t drink coffee at that particular store, just the thought that someone is ruining coffee like that.

I continued walking the path. At one point I came up on some hunters who were doing some target practice in a very unusual way. They were standing on the edge of a road beside of a pond. Within the pond, there were targets, but between the hunters and their targets were their dogs, sitting on very small platforms just large enough for themselves to be sitting upright. The challenge was for the hunters to hit their targets with shotguns, but the blast had to go around the dogs, like in the movie Wanted. They were successful in hitting the targets, until everything came to a halt when one dog fell off his platform. One of the owners dove in after the dog and pulled him onto the bank and then the owner stuck his head into a pipe in the water as if he were looking deep into it, like searching for laundry at the bottom of a washer or something. An older man that spectating the target show approached me. He looked familiar but I couldn’t remember exactly where I knew him from. He asked if I wanted to go running later. I agreed but with a follow on statement that made it obvious that I wasn’t certain of who he was. I cannot recall the statement, but he didn’t take me serious.

The next leg of the journey, I met with some friends outside of what appeared to be an abandoned bar. As we walked inside, we immediately felt that it wasn’t safe. There was a corridor in the entryway with several doors, none of which were open or unlocked. We walked on until we reached the main area were there was a bar. The lights flickered and the bar seemed to stretch for hundreds of feet into the darkness where lights were not present at all. It didn’t take long after we entered for “people” to appear from behind the counter and all around, as if it all of a sudden became a booming establishment. These people all seemed to be focused on us. Their appearance was deathly but not, at the same time. Within seconds, these “people” grabbed my friends and vanished. I began running for the exit. Once I found my way outside, I came across a leaf blower. I threw it on, straddled the blower tube, and began riding it as if it were a jet pack and motorcycle in one.

I rode in the direction of the woods, trying to get as far away from the bar as I could. There was a point when I turned to look back at the bar. Checking to see if it was just my imagination or actually there. When I did, I caught a glimpse of 4 round objects moving in my direction. They had plain faces, and that is all they appeared to have. They were ghosts, following after me. They looked a lot like the ghosts from Mario. There was a particular dynamic between them that seemed silly, with comparison to the 3 stooges. But they still seemed determined to come after me.

I continued to ride through the woods on my leaf blower until I ran out of fuel and had to carry on by foot. I could tell they were gaining on me now that I was having to run. As they were closing in on me, I came upon a series of fences. Some I had to climb over, and some that I was able to squeeze underneath. All the while the ghosts were getting closer and closer as more obstacles were in my path. I started to see a city just as I maneuvered over the last fence. I began sprinting to a building that was probably a chucky cheese or Dave n busters. I ran into the lobby, thinking it was my safest bet from the ghosts. But, to my surprise, the people who were chasing me in the hotel were there; Waiting for me and eating pizza. Once I bolted into the door, I immediately noticed them but it was too late to backtrack. I was surrounded. They sprung to their feet and began charging after me. I attempted to fight them off but I was overpowered.

That is when I woke up.


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