We Took The 5:40 Train to World War Zoo

The dream started somewhere on a mountain top. It was in Tennessee around an area I was familiar with, but only in my dreams. There were people with me, mostly family, but a few others I didn’t know.
We were all coming down the side of a mountain trying to get to the bottom where the road has the view of a waterfall. Somewhere in this part of the dream, someone was captured and tied up. It was real, but seemed fake at the same time. There was a conflict to get the person free, but the details are too fuzzy at this point.
After this moment, we made it to the bottom of the mountain. A few of us walked to the waterfall and as we were walking along the side of the road, I noticed a stack of hand written letters laying on the ground. I picked up the first one, and immediately realized that it was written by me. I had responded, a few months back, to a young girls request for information about the Army. But I did it through a hand written letter.
I noticed some of our group heading behind a church that was across the street so I followed after them. Everyone was arguing and panicking over the conflict. We all decided that we needed to get out of the area so we began on foot to the train station.
It didn’t take long to get there, but once we did, I had a strange feeling we were being followed.
The floor plan inside the train was unique. It reminded me of the layout of Alan and sherry’s old beach house.  Once everyone got comfortable, it was not long after that random objects started flying through the windows one by one. I was the first to notice a soccer ball fly through. I explained to the others what was happening and they all believed I was being paranoid, until more started flying through more frequently. It was not long after that I could see a fighter jet flying low and in close distance.
Rounds of machine gun fire began pouring in to our cabin. Everyone took cover. I pinned myself against a wall just under a window to keep me from being see by the plane.
The door to the outside of the train opened up and two polar bears come in. Everyone scrambles to find something to hide in. I bolted for the room next to me and pulled the door shut. Travis was in the room with me but was hiding under blankets on the bed. The bear came to my door and tried pulling it open. I was using both hands to keep it shut, but I could feel my hands slipping as I got more sweaty. After a minute or two of failed attempts, the bear moved on.
Gun fire began pouring through the room again. I ducked under the window and yelled for Terry to through me a blanket to help hide me. I could see the jet hovering around outside the window, but couldn’t see me.
The train slowed down. We were approaching our destination. Once it came to a final stop, we all rushed the door and sprinted for the closest shop to blend in with the public. It was an Indian tourist store with jewelry and clothing.
Several people approached us from every direction. We were trapped. They grabbed us, but not without struggle, and took us to the boss.
The boss explained why we were being attacked. It was part of some elaborate way of adding excitement and adventure to our lives just before they give us bad news. The bad news was that I was being selected for an assignment elsewhere. I wasn’t sure of the details.
I remember seeing a few soldiers walking around at this point. One of which was the commander of the unit in that area. I stopped to chat with him for a moment and explain everything with the hopes he could help. He just laughed and kept walking.
And then I woke up.


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