Renovating Rental Property and Mudding With Family on The Set of Ace Ventura

I’m camping in this field; in a hammock just outside a town. I can see my rental property at the edge of the field.  I wait until the tenants leave and then I run over and get inside.

I was breaking and entering, just to do some work on the place. I remember fumbling with the cabinet drawers.  There was ketchup on a spatula in the drawer and I accidentally stuck my hand in it. The place was filthy. I did minimal work and then left.

I went back to camp and took a nap. But I remembered that I had to give the tenant a notice if I was going to be entering the house for any reason. So I went back to the house and undone the work I put in to make it seem as if I hadn’t been there.

After I left, my mom contacted me. She wanted to meet up and show me a video she had found online. When I met with her, Travis and one of his friends was there too. As she was loading the video, I thought it was the same thing I had found so I tried loading it up on my phone. We ended up getting distracted and decided to go for a drive. We all piled inside of an SUV to drive down the road, but the road was flooded. We drove out into the water until the tires lost contact with the road, and then she slammed on the gas and we coasted along the water. I could feel the water coming in on my feet but it didn’t take long before we were back on the other side of the road.

We came to the top of a hill and took a right. At the corner was a country store that was being run by someone we knew (in the dream) but I don’t actually know. She came outside to chat with us and animals started flocking around her like some Ace Ventura scene. I saw Nova (my dog) come running up from the side of the store. I thought to myself ‘this is where she was when I left NC but couldn’t find her.’ She jumped into the back of the truck. I held on to her as we drove off.


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