Getting Possessed & Landscaping Luxury Pools with Jesus

So my first dream was brief. I was laying in bed (in the dream) and messing with my phone. The scene was in my previous apartment. While I was playing on my phone, someone else was also in bed, leaning over me trying to put their phone on the night stand. I looked up at the TV for a quick second and right at that moment, a dark ghostly figure sprinted into the room. I couldn’t speak, all I could do was watch as it ran past the front of the room and turn at the foot of the bed. I was panicking. Once it reached my night stand, it vanished into my body and I began breathing rapidly while my heart was racing. This was the point where, while I was breathing rapidly, I started to wake up and realize that I was actually breathing fast and my heart was racing.
The second dream started with Christine and I trying to get onto a spaceship. The world was coming to an end and a few people were flying away to be saved for the repopulation of Earth. We were special, So we had space reserved for us on the ship. But while trying to get onboard at the first entrance, there was a problem and we had to run to another side of the ship to get on. The inside looks like a recreation center of some sorts, with a restaurant in the main lobby. People were sitting down at tables all over the place. I got excited as we made our way across the room that I ran, and tried to slide on my knees under one of the tables. I didn’t slide all the way out so I had to start crawling. When I got back up on my feet, I couldn’t find Christine so I sat down at a table to wait. While I was waiting, I started playing with finger skateboard. Someone saw me from across the room and came over to start talking with me. He seemed odd, but he said he had a virtual reality skateboard game at the other side of the room. I went over to check it out. Once I slipped it on and started playing, I could see others in the virtual world, riding into walls and struggling to get around the objects. I quit and moved on.

Then the dream merges into another story.
I was being chased by a woman who was trying to have my baby. Her reason was that she would own more of a company that created the scouring powder. I was trying to hide behind a small couch, but then found some tossed furniture in another room that I hid behind. I saw her pass by the room next to me. Someone was trying to help me and steer her in the wrong direction. I found a hole in the wall behind me and I climbed through. I vaguely remember that there were dogs that greeted me when I got to the other side of the hole in the wall. There were some guys chasing me at this point, dressed like ninjas in all black. At some point I was looking for some land, and the directions given to me said it was down the road and around the corner from the 7-11. I found it, and it was at that point that I found Jesus. We had a discussion with a woman about sculpting the land (big mounds of sand) into a luxury pool. As the woman was explaining what she wanted, I closed my eyes and waved my hand over the land to create the landscape. It was crap. There were cracked and chipped bricks around the flower bed, the pool didn’t even form. Jesus closed his eyes and waved his hand to try his luck. It turned out better. There was a pool with wavy and sloping beds and tunnels you could swim through. As we were checking it out, the ninjas came running up on me. I darted around the corned, found a piece of wood, and cracked it over one ninja’s head. And then I woke up.


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