A Soldier’s Life For Me

It was a Friday afternoon and I was driving home from Fort Bragg North Carolina.  I had just made an agreement with my supervisor that I was going to serve on Active duty and in the Reserves.  But I was going to be serving in the Reserve unit closer to my family.  So my intent was to continue working at Fort Bragg and drive home for that one weekend a month drill with the Army Reserves.

My first stop during the trip was in Uwharrie National Park.  There was another Reserve unit there that I needed to familiarize myself with.  I didn’t know anyone there but I was hoping to gather some information about the unit I was going to and who I needed to contact.

I pulled into the parking lot.  The place was packed with people showing up for what I later found out was a field trip.  I managed to find an empty parking space and pulled in.  I walked up to a group of Soldiers that were standing outside the building and began talking with them.  They explained to me the details of the field trip but I wasn’t paying attention.  I was more concerned about finding out who I needed to contact at my new reserve unit.

Something compelled me to get on the bus and take the trip with these guys.  I had no idea where we were going or how long we were going to be gone, which should have been a concern because I was suppose to be reporting to the unit tomorrow morning.  One of the guys on the bus reaches over to hand me a phone.  On the other end of the line is the unit I’m suppose to be reporting to.  Nothing relevant was discussed during the conversation and by the end of the call I realize that I still have no idea who I’m suppose to meet or where.

The bus arrives at my aunt and uncles home.  I seemed to have been the only one to get off the bus.  I walk into the backyard to find that there is a hole in the ground that is just as large as the house they live in.  I find my uncle working on the gutters.  I began to piddle around to help with the yard in any fashion I could.  My cousin Zak is in the yard driving a big wheel toy truck.  I see my parents turn the corner, walking into the yard so I make my way over to them.  But before I could greet them with hugs, I jump into a hole that is just barely large enough for me to fit in and I immediately become clausterphopic.  I wiggle for a minute or two and make good progress before Terry reaches down to pull me out.

I go back to the parking lot where I originally parked my truck.  But it was moved so that the front end sits on top of someone elses truck and the rear end was still on the pavement.  All the tires had been flattened to such a degree that the rubber looked melted like a puddle.  A group of guys approach me from behind and one speaks out to claim that it was his parking spot.  I explain that I’m new in the area and he apologizes. He and his friends pull the truck into a shed, lay out the tires, and begin doing patch work to repair the damage done.

While all of this is going on,I end up getting information about the two people Im suppose to meet.  One of the guys was explaining to me that the unit is pissed that I haven’t reported yet.  Apparently I was suppose to report Friday morning but those details were never relayed to me.  The group of guys finished the work, gave me directions, and sent me on my way.

I drove over to the address I was given and walk into the building.  Everyone is busy doing paperwork and making phone calls.  No one seems to notice that I arrived.  I walked to the back corner of the room and found the two people I was looking for.  They chatted for a moment, explaining what I needed to get done.  And then I woke up.


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