My Escape From Prison, With The Kool-Aid Man.

The dream started out with me riding on the back of a truck. I was on my way to prison. The setting was around the 1920’s. The sky was a cool blue while the air was calm and comfortable. I don’t recall what I was going to prison for, I just knew I had to escape.
There came a point when the truck began to crest the top of a hill and I could see the prison fence ahead. It was at this point that I darted off the truck and began running. I ran for miles until I came upon a family reunion at someone’s house. I walked up and began interacting with everyone as if I was no stranger at all. There were several dogs at the party that everyone was being entertained by. But there was one dog that was more rambunctious than the rest. I sat beside and began to pet him. He immediately took a liking to me and I made the decision to keep him.
I stood up and went inside for what reason I cannot remember. But there was this boy inside the house who was showing his ass, being loud and unruly. I grabbed him by the shirt to take him outback in give him a whooping. Just as I was getting ready, his father stepped out back with a paddle and began to spank him for me. I walk back inside to use the bathroom and his father followed me inside the house. He started questioning if I had had too much to eat that it was making me moody. I told him that I’ve barely eaten anything and I was still hungry. As I was saying that, I began to walk around him; leaving him in the room by himself.
When I stepped back outside, all of the people had gone. The dogs were all running around so I was trying to find mine. One really large dog came to me, having a black-and-white coat, I knew this was not my dog. But there was something terrifying about this dog so I pretended to love it. In the distance I could see my dog approaching. I got up and made my way to him. We started for home.
The home we came to was not mine. It was the dog’s home. The owner was not home but I made my way in and started to act as if I owned the place. I was sitting on a chair on the balcony upstairs, pissing off the side as the owner walked up. He couldn’t see me because I ducked down. The dogs were standing on the balcony wearing clothes, as the urine was dripping from the wood beneath them to the ground below which made it look like they were pissing all over the balcony. The owner tried to open the front door but I must have deadbolt locked it when I came in. He attempted to use his shoulder to ram the door, but with no luck. That is when he gave up to go find the woman he loved, which, at that moment, I knew happened to be the woman I loved as well. He drove off. I jumped from a window and started running in the direction he fled.
I don’t know what I was planning to accomplish by running after him when he drove away. I think it was to intercept the woman before he got to her first. But I had no chance on foot. But I wasn’t thinking that.
My run was brief before I came upon the road. The very same road that I had ran from when I escaped my prison sentence. It seemed like years ago, I thought. But as I came closer to contact with this endless stretch of gravel, I became more aware that the guards were still hunting me down. I could see the hill from which I escaped just ahead. So I began running in the opposite direction along the road. It must have been that my sudden sprinting caught the guards attention because the chase began. Men with high powered rifles running from the hill, and from the surrounding fields, after me. I began passing through a small town where people were outside living their lives. At this point, I had gained such a great distance between the guards that I could relax to not draw so much attention to myself.
I noticed a park ahead, just center on the town. A man stood by a rope that dangled from the tree to the ground as if he was setting a snare. As I was walking past, I noticed that he was Phillip Banks, the man from the Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Then he spotted me. Even though I knew I could start running again, and easily outrun him, I didn’t. I felt compelled to walk up to him. He said there was no use in running because the whole town knew who I was and was closing in on me. And thats when it clicked in my head, that the snare he was setting was intended for me.
At this point, some people from the town gathered around and another person who had escaped prison had showed up next to me. I started to have an out-of-body moment as if I was seeing myself through the eyes of the other escapee. I began to explain that couldn’t go to prison because my butt was too nice, and I had my pants pulled down to try to prove my point.
The town was just starting to kick off a fair so there was food everywhere and people wandering all around. The other escapee and myself were moving through a line to grab food. I stuffed turkey meat into a hot dog bun with a tomato and a pickle spear on top. I took one bite and felt a lump in my throat so I handed the food to my friend and went in search of water. A young girl, around the age of 15, pointed ahead and explained for me to see a boy who was working that particular drink stand. I made my way and asked him for water. He handed me two cups. One was a cup of water, but the other was a shorter cup, more like a tray or saucer. In the bottom of that cup was pictures of random men’s faces, and to be sneaky, he sprinkled kool-aid drink powder over the faces to hide them. He explained that these men would help us escape prison when the time was right. I stuffed that “cup” into my pocket and crushed it against my leg to help conceal it.
I left his drink stand and started walking back to my friend. An old truck with a trailer attached passed by me and got stuck for a few seconds. I could see a few quarters on the trailer and I thought to myself “those would come in handy during the next escape” but there were too many eyes watching me, so I walked around the stuck truck.
When I got back to my friend, it seemed as if time had passed quite a bit from the moment I walked off for water. He had eaten my sandwich and the fair was long gone. I looked around and realized that we were in the prison at this point. And it seemed as if he and I were the two main characters to the movie Life.
And thats when I woke up.


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