Colonel Sanders vs The Princess God

This dream takes place inside of a skating rink that is owned by me. I am a wealthy, obese, business man; widely known for my fried chicken restaurant. The theme of the ice rink is chicken

Kids were out on the floor skating, some were in line waiting to get my autograph. At some point, the skating floor needed to be cleaned so all the skaters exited and made their way to the dining area to eat. I decided to get up and walk around greeting everyone.

I first made my way to the line were everyone was being served food. I struck up a little chit chat with someone when I noticed a ruffling noise coming from behind me. I twisted at the neck to see an older woman digging through my back pack. She was elbow deep and was after my snacks. I backed up aggressively to try to smash her a against the wall but her friend jumped in to assist her. Still trying to keep an eye on her progress despite the fact that she was directly behind me, I could see her slide a bag of Cheetos out. I threw my hands in the air and yelled “Fine, take the bag” as she and her friend ran off.

I started making my way for the end of the line where people exit to go to their tables to eat when I passed a kid by the trash can. I witnessed him grab an entire seasoning shaker, put it in his mouth, and tip his head back to funnel the seasoning into his mouth. I yanked it from his lips in disgust. “I can’t serve this to people now.” I said as a lady approached me with her tray of food. “I don’t mind.” She told me as she reached for the seasoning. So I handed her the shaker and she proceeded to pour the seasoning into her mouth, but not before I reached back to snatch it from her hands. I quickly pushed the flap on the trash can door and dropped it in.

I headed for the exit of the dining area. It was a small passageway only fit to grant a relatively skinny person the ability to pass through. There were a few people trying to get through but I was irritable and entitled, so I bounced between all the people to try to exit first. There was an older woman who also appeared to have entitlement issues as she approached the exit. She toted a walking can and gave it a good jab in my chest as she passed me and exited. I had no idea who she was but she had a very unique presence about her.

I tried to hurry through the tight squeeze of the exit. My obesity made it a real challenge. Once on the other side, I caught up with her. She was heading toward the table I was previously signing autographs at. We began talking as she was implying that I had no idea who she was. I gave her the look up and down, analyzing everything about her. She seemed harmless but her demeanor was intimidating at the same time. She dressed in a camouflage that appeared to have been from another country’s military. She wore an ID wallet around her left arm, just under the brassard that said MP. She wore a black baseball cap that read Princess God.


One thought on “Colonel Sanders vs The Princess God

  1. The parts of the dream with the boy and the woman putting the seasoning shakers in the their mouths and leaning their heads back to pour seasoning down their throats was creepy to me, I imagined them opening their mouths unnaturally wide and looking very strange as they did this, and I like the phrase Princess God (I think that was an interesting title for this dream, and I think that was a strange but interesting combination of words to have in a dream; especially since Princess Goddess would have been accurate instead of God, and so that was interesting).

    Thank you for sharing this Kevin W. Porter,
    -John Jr


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