East Bound & Down, Driving Through A Building

I found myself alone, in Zaks bedroom, cluttered with random objects that piled knee high.  I was sorting through the mess, trying to find my personal belongings before I left.

Travis walks into the house and finds me.  Standing in the doorway, he asks if I want to take a ride with him to visit our grandpa.  I agreed as I reached down into the mess to grab my walkman cd player.

We walked out the front door and it immediately grabbed my attention.  Travis has been driving around in a tractor trailer.

We make our way down the road until we come upon grandpa’s house.  We pull off onto the side of the road where there is a parking lot.  Travis puts the breaks on and climbs out.  Just as he exits, the vehicle starts inching forward.  I’m still in the back seat, so I jump to the front and slam the breaks.  He and I are discussing the issue while he stands outside the drivers door.  I can feel the truck slowly moving towards someone else’s parked car so I begin cutting the steering wheel left.  Travis and I agree that we cant park on this hill so he jumps back inside and we continue driving; looking for a better place to park.

The road starts closing in, and we find ourselves at a dead end.  To our left is a large manufacturing building.  There is no where to turn around for a truck the size we’re driving.  Travis accelerates, and begins to climb the entrance stairs to the building.

We’re catching the eyes of every employee as we come barreling through the halls.  He appeared to have full control of the truck through each turn, managing to not leave any damage to the building.  We came up on one really tight turn where I was certain we couldn’t pass. But with a quick whip of the wheel, the box on the back leaned through, grazing the walls just barely, and we made it.

The next obstacle was downstairs.  As we come plowing our way through, I could see paperwork from desks flying everywhere.  There were women watching us with amazement from the office windows that lined the stairs.  Once we arrived at the bottom of the stairs we stopped dead in our tracks.

There was a woman sitting in a chair by the edge of the lobby.  She had a stack of papers in her hand.  I climbed out of the truck and approached her.   I skimmed through the carbon copy paperwork as she handed it to me, explaining that it was a list of all the furniture that we just delivered.  Even though we had never stopped to deliver anything, I took her word for it.  I flipped through the pages, trying to read all the details before she spoke up and added that it was all there and there was no need to read every little detail.  So I folded up the sheets in my hand and made my way back to the truck.

We exitted the room and parked in the basement of the building.  The room was vacant but I could see a clock hanging above the door and a window to its right.  There was a man standing in the window.

Travis moved to the back of the truck and started getting comfortable; turning the box into one large bed.  I headed for the restroom.

The restroom was filty and there was no toilet paper.  There was a toilet in the center of the room but it was just a seat like a bucket, no plumbing.

I could see the clock on the wall slowly creeping towards lunch time and felt the pressure that we needed to pack up and get out of there to beat the traffic.  I urged travis to get up, but he was too comfortable.  I told him this was my last day home and I didn’t want to spend it in the basement of some random place. I started gathering up my things with the intent of walking home.  Travis climbed out of bed and went upstairs.  After sometime, I walked upstairs to see what he was doing.  As I reached the last few steps, I could see he was sitting at a kitchen table baking cookies.  Instead of continuing into the kitchen, I turned left and walked outside onto the front porch.  Six guys were walking through the yard towards me.   They smelled the cookies.



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