Graduation Week & I’m Getting Expelled

All the lights were off.  Some were sleeping, some were awake and watching movies.  I was standing by the closet gazing at the tv in my college dorm room.

I found myself wandering around the campus with friends, getting into mischief; Until the campus security caught me on camera.  I was danggling from a cable that was hanging from a helicopter, suspended in air by the play ground.

An announcement came over the intercom, that once I was found, the school was going to expel me.  This was test week and I was almost finished with class.  I had one real estate exam remaining.  I considered just not going to the exam, but then I remembered that if I skipped the exam, it would be as if I dropped the class and I would have to pay for the class out of my own pocket, so I decided not to go with that option.

My girlfriend and I discussed what I should do while hanging out on my bed.  We decided that I should change my clothes and style so that I could move around the school without being noticed.  I decided to give that option a try.  I leaned over the edge of my top bunk bed and hopped down, crushing her glasses that were lying on the floor.

I went to a little retail store nearby and picked up new clothes.  Swapped my Spitfire t-shirt for a simple shirt with nothing on it.  I bought a trucker hat that said Vietnam Supporter, as if to replicate the Vietnam Veteran hat.  As I left the store, I was trying to curl the bill of the hat.  But the bill kept breaking into tiny pieces in my hand.

I walked down the hall to class and woke up.


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