South Davidson High-Class of 2005 Reunion

The story begins inside of a high school auditorium.  It’s the South Davidson High School class of 2005’s 15 year reunion.  At this point in my life I’m a cop, and still not married.  All of my classmates sat on the bleachers in one particular section as a teacher wheeled a cart into the room, filled with bite sized foods.

The teacher called me down to her cart.  We were going to play a game and the trick was to thread certain food objects onto some contraption without exceeding 250 calories.  I started looking through my options and selected an orange slice, a mushroom, and a popcorn.

As soon as it was threaded successfully, I started running towards the door to the next room.  I busted through and found furniture scattered everywhere.  No one in sight.  There was a light shining over the top of the furniture from a large window at the end of the room.

I turned back to the door, making my way for the auditorium.  As I reached the other side, I found everyone else passing by me on the way to the furniture room.




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