Log Cabin Dart Board

I stood on the sidelines.  There were roughly 15 or so people all lined up outside the cabin that sold homemade crafts.  Everyone was laughing and drinking; having a great time.  The biggest guy in our group was showing everyone how to throw a model airplane across the yard and into the side of the cabin.  The tip of the plane came to a point like a dart, so we were all taking turns to see who’s throw was most accurate.  This plane had to have been about 3 feet long and bulky.

The guy called me out.  I stood on the sidelines watching too many others for too long that he took notice.  I made my way over to him, thinking this was a piece of cake.  As he was handing the plane to me, he explained that I was to hold it from the rear.  Nothing about holding it there felt natural because of the weight imbalance.  I chose to disregard his guidance and so I held it around the center.  I went through the motions several times while holding the plane just slightly above my head.  I felt confident.  I thought for sure that even if all goes wrong, the plane would atleast glide its way to the cabin from where I was launching it.  I gave one final cock back and sent it off.  The plane went soaring and rapidly dived several feet shy of the cabin.  I was disappointed.  It seemed humorous to those around me.  I was so certain it was a sure thing.

I walked off into the cabin among all the little crafts.  This place felt like a Cracker Barrel.  And then I woke up…


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