Anne- The Story of the Non-English Speaking Road Guard

I was standing in the middle of a road.  There was a man, just up ahead, appearing to guard the path.  I called out to him.  He comes running up with enthusiasm.  I speak to him but his responses are just jumbled words of another language.  I spend more time trying to decifer what he is saying as he smiles that big stupid smile at me.  Its probably worth mentioning that the guy needed some serious dental work.

A group of men come walking up the road and stopped once they reached us.  They were wearing khaki colored jumpsuits with backpacks.  I didn’t ask, but I would guess that the were in a foreign military.  I told them that the guy didn’t speak english and they attempted to translate, with no success.

The goofy, non english speaking man runs off into the distance and grabs a sign from a bush beside the road.  He pulls it up to his chest and points it at us.  “Anne Question On” it reads.  The only sense I could make of it was that his name was Anne and he was telling me to begin questioning him.  So I asked if that is what he meant.  He nodded in excitement as if he was happy that he was being understood.  Then he turned to face the other side of the road, began sprinting across, and vanished into the woods.  That was the last I saw of him.

And then I woke up…



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