The Explosion

A team of guys and I were working on a new house construction project.  The frame and the roof were the only things in place at this point.  Most of the guys were downstairs on break.

I saw Brooks running upstairs and so I ran after him.  I came across some tools (a rubber mallet and hammer) that belonged to some of the other guys, so I grabbed them and carried them upstairs to hide on a platform that was just above eye level.  I turned to my left to see Brooks jump up and grab hold of a dangling vent cover that led into the ceiling.  Once he climbed up, he pulled out a can of gas and began to pour it on the floor I stood on.  I yelled to him to hold up until I climbed up.  Once I was on his level, he pulled out a lighter.  I moved across the beams until I was standing on the other end of the house.  He flicked the lighter open and fired it up.  I could see this going horribly wrong but I let him drop the lighter below.

A massive explosion errupted.  Brooks was knocked off his feet as pieces of the subfloor from the 2nd story blew up and landed among us.  There were flames rolling through the house, but surprisingly much less than what was to be expected.  The men from the ground floor come rushing up the stairs to see what was happening.  I expected them to question what had just happened, but instead, they were questioning where their tools were.

And then I woke up…


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