Not John Michael Higgins

I was in a room, working with a few other people.  One of the men I had originally thought was John Michael Higgins, from ‘Yes Man’, but it wasn’t him.  Anyways,  he had just been piecing together new chairs but was complaining about his job.  A woman in the room chimed in to acknowledge that the job “sucked”.  The man reached into a cabinet and pulled out a water bottle filled with his homemade scotch.  He offered sips around between her and I.  I declined.

Later on, I hear the man arguing with Sherry.  She had used the wrong varnish on the chairs he had completed and he felt they were ruined.  They were standing in the doorway to exit when he punched her square in the face and knocked her outcold.  She fell to the floor and he left the room.  I turned towards the house and screamed for Alan.

I picked her up, and carried her outside.  My parents were already waiting in my truck to drive her to the hospital.  I walked onto the back of my truck but had to have my mom grab her from my arms and put her inside the cab because I couldn’t jump down to the ground with her.

We arrived at the hospital.  The doctors put her on a stretcher and secured her neck, wheeling her room to room.  I found my family in the waiting room and I tried to explain to them who did it.

And then I woke up…


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