I Would Have Gotten Away With It

I opened my eyes and smoke was rolling out from under the hood of my truck.  The front end was parked on top of another car.  A cop came running up to my door to give me help.  I tried to shake myself off and snap out of it as I pulled my half lifeless body from the wreckage.  The cop climbs inside of the truck in an effort to drive it from on top of the burning car beneath.  Before he can make any progress, I had an out-of-body experience.  I watched myself walk from the rear of the truck, back to the driver’s door.  I pulled a pistol from my side, reached into the window, pressing the gun against his temple, and fired a round.

I started running from the scene of the accident.  I passed behind a Walmart and found a trail leading into the woods.  I followed this path as it led me up a hill to a small cottage.  There was a guy sitting on a brick retaining wall in front of the cottage.  He appeared to be a wanderer without a care in the world.  He asked if I wanted to smoke with him.

The front door to the cottage was wide open so I took a glance inside only to find Nick Offerman sprawled out across a bed in the front room.  He started tossing and turning as though he could sense that I was looking at him and it was disturbing his sleep.

I hopped up onto the wall and took a seat beside the drifter. He passed his joint to me and I took a long hit.  A feeling of paranoia came over me because I knew the search was on for the law enforcement to find me.

At the far end of the woods, I could see a building nestled at the bottom of a steep hill.  The front door was positioned directly towards me.  In the doorway a man stood, gazing up at me.  Once we made eye contact, he opened the door and started in my direction.  I made the quick decision to grab a bike that was propped up beside the cottage and get out of there.  The drifter followed my lead.

We passed through a little city park while people were outside playing, and entered a forest.  We quickly came to a river we had to cross.  There was an odd contraption of sorts that we climbed up.  It had several platforms that rotated horizontally.  As we passed up each platform and reached the top, there were a few men standing at the top.  They appeared to be working on a printer.  We had no time for chit-chat so we jumped to the other side of the river and crossed the New Jersey state line.

We came upon another house in the woods so we agreed to stop there for a quick break.  No sooner than it took for us to sit down inside this house, the police busted through the front door and had us all facing the wall on our knees.  I tried not to draw notice to myself. The police went person to person, asking for identification.  I was at the far end of the room so I felt like this bought me some time to think of a clever escape.  But these men were so quick in their sweep that I didn’t even have time to finish a thought. One cop stopped behind me but before he could even ask me for ID, I threw my hands into the air, turned towards him, and said in half joking manner, “Alright, alright.  You got me.”

And then I woke up…


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