Eleven and I

I stood in a dark cluttered room; Eleven by my side.  She and I were trying to hide from people who were after us.  I attempted to explain to her that she had the power to open one of the doors within the room than had no knob.  A man approaches the room and we quickly scatter to hide.  I dove underneath a pile of junk on the floor and allowed it to cover me like a garbage blanket.  The man continued past us and moved on to another room.  Eleven comes back to my spot but I remain frozen as if in fear of exposing myself.  She quickly loses her patience and exits the room.  A minute or so passes before I decide to peel myself from the mess and go in search of her.

I arrived in the middle of the wood on a long dirt path.  I could see locals wandering by minding their own business.  I approach a group on the opposing end of the road to describe Eleven in  hopes that they may have seen her.  All seemed to acknowledge that her description was familiar but none knew anything about her whereabouts.  There were a few Indians nearby so I decided to give asking them a chance.  They had some information on her but demanded that I show them some skateboarding tricks before they helped me out.  I obliged.

A Blackhawk helicopter comes crashing through the trees and lays down heavy machine gun fire on the Indians.  I threw myself into a hole to avoid the rounds but began tumbling down a steep hill.  The chopper chases me through the woods.  I end up at a house towards the bottom of the hill.  I sprint to the front porch and dive underneath.  The enemy hurls a bomb that lands on the porch as I scramble to my feet and dash for the next house.  I spot and make a leap onto it.  I felt the immediate pulse of electricity burst through my body as I allow myself to bounce off the fence and get away from it.  At this point it appears the helicopter has vanished, so I sneak around to the side of the house.

A man standing on the porch spots me before I notice his presence.  He politely invites me inside to have dinner with his guests.  The guests all properly seated at the table were participating in a ritual but it didn’t seem unusual.  There was a certain tension among everyone as I arrived but they seemed to keep it as subtle as possible.  I sat among them with a lettuce soup in front of me.  I kept my hands to the edges of the bowl and used my powers to force the soup to boil but only in an attempt to entertain myself.  Unimpressed with my performance, a man sitting across the table from me grabbed an arm load of vegetables from the table and moved to the clawfoot tub in the corner of the room.  He dropped all the vegetables into the tub full of water and climbed inside.  He preceded to force the water to boil while sitting inside it.

I removed myself from the table to find the bathroom.  I peered outside a window in the hallway to see a group of men backing a trailer into the garage of the house.  I headed back to the dining room not to draw suspicion.  Christine was standing around with the group.  I quietly and inconspicuously tried to explain what was happening around me.  The host quickly butted into the conversation to show us his glorious doughy burrito, as he dropped burrito filling all over the floor.  Putting the pieces together, I began to figure out that our host was the man behind the capture of Eleven.

Christine and I made our way to the garage.  At this point it appeared no one was around so we climbed on to the tractor-trailer and started to drive it up the road.  A guard climbed on to the platform but before he could reach our side, I pulled the pin that separated our side from his which cause the bed to eject from the truck, spiral out of control and throw him to his death.  We pressed onward.

A water park show up just at the top of a hill and so we decided to stop there.  After walking around for a few minutes, I spot Eleven.  I pull her into a room to hide her as Christine snatches up another random girl to use as a decoy.  We thought we had a good plan thrown together in order to protect Eleven.  But we soon come to realize that we were no longer being followed.

And then I woke up…


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