A Night In A Stranger’s Home

My friends and I were invited to a unique luxury estate for one night.  Once we arrived, we were quickly escorted to the main sleeping quarters where we would all be sharing living space.  Our host had meals prepared and set across a table that stood beside a row of bunk beds.  We spent the night picking away at the meal instead of having a sit down dinner.  We were in awe of features of the house.

Just across from the arrangement of beds, there was an in ground pool.  The host lifted the insulated lid from the pool to show us what he kept inside.  I could see a white flourescent plant floating to the top of the water.  It appeared to alive and moving, with tentacle like legs.  As I looked further over the rim of the pool I could see hundreds of these plants, sleeping on the pool floor.

The host climbed into the pool with all his clothes on.  He explained that there was a real prize that sleeps below the plants and they needed to be woken up to be seen.  He waded across the pool from his side to my side.  I could see movement as he got closer to the edge.  A quick glimpse of a fish pops its head above, and the host began to brag at the size of the fish.  At first glance, it seemed as an other fish until it swam around the pool and woke the entire herd.  Suddenly the water became very turbulent and fish heads were popping up to the surface to be seen.  That is when I got the best look at them to find that they were a piranha breed with excessively bulging eyes.  Two fishes leaped from the water.  One landed on the floor and remained still, while the other landed and started to chase me as if it had legs.  It took bites towards my feet just before I managed to kick it to the host who placed it back into the water.

It was already getting late so the host decided to turn in for the night although my group was wide awake.  He said his good nights and left the room.  Everyone stayed awake, nibbling on food, lounging in the fancy chairs, and conversing.  After a few hours, one by one they found their beds and started drifting off to sleep.  At that point, I felt it was appropriate to turn of all the lights and music. There were so many controls that it took a few minutes to figure all the switches out.  I started by turning a dial that dimmed the lights.  The I flicked a switch that turned a light back on from the entry way to the room.  I was trying to find the music switch, but there may never have been one because after a few failed attempts, I called it quits and headed for bed.  Just before I climbed into my bunk, a friend called out to me.  He explained that it wasn’t a great bed.  He went further by saying that the bed was just nice bedding on top of a very thick plywood.  He pulled his blankets back to show.

And then I woke up…



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