Lunch Lady Land

I approached the long line that stretched around the bend and into the hallway in the high school cafeteria.  As my vision came into clarity, I could see the food options and the lunch lady glaring back at me.  I saw my place towards the front of the line and I made the assumption that I was going to be allowed to cut in front of others.  I was only a few feet away from the counter before I called out to the lunch lady to hook me up with a chicken sandwich.  She muttered something to the effect of “get to the back of the line!”  I complied.

It didn’t take long before the line had shifted to the point that I was back to the front.  The same lady who appeared to be grumpy and stern once before, now seemed to be pleasant and compliant.  I asked her for the chicken sandwich.  I could see she added it to my tray through the looking-glass that created the barrier between us.  In my mind I wanted to ask for two sandwiches but I didn’t want to push her buttons.  But as luck would have it, I could see a spatula sliding a second chicken sandwich on to my plate.  I couldn’t see who was holding the spatula and I definitely didn’t want to draw attention to what was happening so I kept quiet and let my tray move down the line.

The next lunch lady I encountered was serving vegetables.  I wanted mashed potatoes but she refused to give me anything more because I had two sandwiches.  I took my tray from her and sat down at a table with a few strangers.  They all happened to be rambling on about something irrelevant and uninteresting.  I decided to join in on the conversation and just as I did, I could see a teacher approaching me.  She was angry and shouting that I should not be talking.  I looked back at the kids who shared the table with me.  They, along with everyone else in the cafeteria now had their head down on the table as if they were being punished.

Without hesitation, I rose from my seat and began shouting at the teacher.  Conveying my disdain for her desire to control us all the while calling her a Hillary (Clinton) supporter.  She turned and ran in the opposite direction from me as I aggressively walked towards her.  The students all stood up and made their way to class.  I could see one staff member yelling at me to grab my things and leave the school grounds.  So I headed to the exit.

And then I woke up…


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