An Awkward Occurance. 

I had just arrived to my new recruiting office.  My co workers and I had just relocated to a newly renovated office that was closer to the city.  It was enclosed on 3 sides with the fourth side open into the street.  

A I entered the room and noticed by the door there were posters on the wall.  The posters were hanging stacked on top of one another.  I flipped through them to notice that each poster was a different branch of service.  

A feeling came over me to poop.  There may have been bathrooms nearby, but I chose to squat in a ditch that was by the street just outside the office’s open side.  people began to gather around me, trying to get information about joining the Army.  Jason rounded them and took them to the nearby sidewalk to talk with them.  I continued to poop.

Once everyone was finished getting information, they wandered off and Jason Approached me along with Sam.  They sat in front of me and began to dig through my back pack; taking things to include my shorts.  I threw dirt at them to try to deter them with no luck. They got up and walked off.  I was left in the ditch with nothing but constipation and my t shirt.  

After finishing up with nothing to wipe with, I had to walk to the nearest bathroom to clean up.  I found a sink inside and washed myself off.  The sink filled up and ran over in a matter of seconds.  I noticed multiple backpacks by a set of lockers and a night stand by the door I came in from.  I walked to the night stand to find several of my friends, ant sized, standing on top of the night stand.  They were all screaming at me.  I couldn’t understand anything they were saying.  I was looking through all of them trying to find Jason, but he wasn’t there.  It was amusing to see them all so tiny, but instead of trying to help them, I took a deep breath and blew them all off their feet. 

I walked to the backpacks to sift through, hoping to find my things.  The door opened and I bolted behind the bathroom stall.  I had a flashlight on, which was guaranteed to have given away my position, but I left it on hoping that if I remained still enough, I wouldn’t have drawn any attention.  I peaked over the stall to catch a glimpse of the person.  I recognized him, but said nothing.  I waited for him to leave before digging through the backpacks once more.  I couldn’t find my stuff so I left the bathroom.

I started running down a dirt path that sat high enough to overlook a campground below me with a slew of tents.

And then I woke up.


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