The Enemy Has Arrived

I walked into the headquarters where my team sat collectively by the couch, listening to someone lecture them about their performance.  The rooms was large and open.  Windows stretched from the floor to ceiling along the back wall, giving anyone who gazed, an opportunity to see miles of beautiful forest where our location remained unknown.  I joined them on the couch but it wasn’t long before an alarm began to sound, warning us that intruders were approaching.  

Everyone rushed to their helicopters and took flight.  We weaved between trees until we were just above the canopy. I could see the enemy closing in on our position.  They fired on us but missed.  I leaned my head out of my door and could see that we were only about 10 feet above the trees.  The idea ran quickly through my head that we drop from the helicopter into the trees and maybe put some distance between us and the enemy.  

They idea quickly vanished once our tail had been struck with a rocket.  Everyone held on tight as the pilot did his best to keep the crash smooth. We nearly glided our way through the trees before hit the ground and slid into a building entrance. 

Everyone got out a made a quick dash to get away from the site.  We didn’t get beyond the building before the enemy had us all surrounded.  

And then I woke up…


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