A Midnight Base Jumping Excursion

A squad of guys and I were dressed to the teeth in black clothing in the dead of night, standing in a field outside of a hotel. We moved in, careful to remain in the shadows, undetected. We slipped into the hotel lobby and made way to a corridor where the hotel gave unrestricted access to the roof.  
We scaled the narrow passageway that lead upward until we arrived on the rooftop. From there we could see the entire city that surrounded us. Below, about a mile off in the distance, we could spot a small park bordered by trees but cleared with open field in the center. We threw on our parachutes, gave ourselves a good running start, and leapt from the roof. It was only seconds before the parachutes deployed and we were sailing towards our target. We coasted above the treetops, with all the city lights fading in the distance.

And then I woke up…


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