Mistaken Identity

I was living out of a one story motel when I approached the laundry room to request the laundry I had dropped off the week prior.  A teenager stood at the front desk waiting to retrieve my clothes.  I patiently waited in the doorway as two cops turned the corner to greet me.  They carried with them a medium sized suitcase, painted entirely in glossy black.

“We found a unusual substance in your laundry” one cop explained.  “It was probably one of those Silica packets you find in packages that’s suppose to preserve freshness.  I may have left it in my pockets.” I quickly responded.  “Whatever the case, we’ve got our eye on you” he said.

When I returned to my room, I opened the suitcase to find a fluorescent light kit with shattered bulbs.  That’s when I noticed the name on the box said Alex.  The last name was something I couldn’t pronounce.  I closed up the suitcase and made my way back to the laundry room to resolve the mix up.

When I returned to the laundry room, no one was present.  I saw a truck in the corner of the parking lot by itself.  I disregarded the laundry to take a closer look at the truck.  As I closed in on the truck, I could see that all four tires were missing and the truck was sitting on cinder blocks.  The hood was raised and the truck was running.  I could see the driver sleeping at the wheel as I approached his window.  I tapped on the glass and he popped up.  Before I could ask him anything, he immediately began explaining what had happened.

I learned that his girlfriend had taken his tires off with the intent that she would be purchasing newer, better tires.  He said he had given her the money needed to buy the new tires.  I was baffled. I let him know that I had just purchased new tires for this truck about a year ago.  I have no clue why I had said that because I had never seen him or this truck before, but it came out of my mouth and he didn’t even notice.  What she was doing was very unnecessary, but then it clicked; She had taken his money, and took his tires so he was unable to chase her once he finally realized what had happened.  I left him in the dark about my sudden epiphany.

I looked up as I heard the sound of the sirens in the distance.  I turned my attention back to the guy in the truck only to find he had already darted towards the woods.  I jumped into the driver’s seat drove down a narrow dirt road.  The sun was going down and I knew with the truck’s condition, I wasn’t going to be getting far.  I needed to get a head start on the cops and then ditch the truck.

I pulled into a nearby neighbor hood and left the truck on the side of the road.  I ran through a yard to the house that I could see lights on inside.   I knocked on the door just lightly enough to get the attention of the woman I could see standing close by the door.  From the living room window I could see the husband laying across the couch.  I recognized him to be one of the cops from the laundry room.  The wife cracked opened the door subtly as I asked her for my laundry.  She brought back a handful of shirts and socks and I ran off into the night.

I slowed myself once I reached the street and stood underneath a street light as I pulled my phone from my pocket.  I scrolled through my apps until I arrived at Uber.  I requested a ride and waited in the night for my escape.

And then I woke up…


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