Darth Vader vs The Dead Celebrities

I laid down on the tailgate of a Shinook aircraft, tucked my hands behind my head and crossed one foot over the other.  I was aiming to be completely comfortable and calm as Darth Vader and his droids stood around me discussing war.  The talks lasted about 3 minutes before he and his men marched back to their spaceship at the far end of the hanger.  Once aboard, the pilot pointed the nose of the aircraft to the wall, blasted a laser that opened a black portal for their passage through.  I stuck around for a few minutes to ponder what was to come before heading back to the office.

I opened the door to the main office and walked myself through a narrow hallway, arriving at two adjoining offices on my left.  The doors were open and I could see Scarlett Johansen dressed in her Black Widow attire working at her desk.  David Bowie stood upright while leaning into his desk.  He appeared to be modeling his new haircut.  The sunlight from the window behind him gave him a black silouette.  He came into better clarity as he approached the doorway.  I explained the upcoming battle against Darth Vader and my need for fighters.  They both agreed to join the cause.  Bowie took his excitement for war a step further as he slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans, thrusted his hips outward and commenced to dance in a small circle.

I turned the corner and approached the main floor where most of the staff worked.  Empty cubicles filled multiple rows of office space.  I passed through an aisle and caught a glimpse of Robin WIlliams looking down at his work.  Without stopping for conversation, I called out to him.  “Despite everything that has happened in the past, we really need you in the fight.”  I could see him smile and rise from his chair as I turned the last corner, heading for the exit.

And then I woke up…


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